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NAAC accredited with "A++" grade

Research Activity

The IQAC and Research Cell plays an active role in promoting research culture in the college. Faculty members have published their research papers 41 peer reviewed journals in UGC approved or UGC Care list, 83 peer reviewed journals in Scopus or Web of Science and 29 Books/chapters in books. The college conducted 148 seminars and conferences. 2 International and 7 National conferences were organized by IQAC and different departments of the college. Two Faculty Development Programmes have been arranged for updating teachers regarding latest developments. In an endeavour to encourage research, the college provides financial support to faculty members for presenting papers at state level, national and international seminars, and membership of professional bodies. The policy regarding the quantum of support to be provided for each category has been framed in the Governing Body. 5 teachers act as research guides and some of their students have already been awarded doctoral degrees. Teachers are also engaged in journal editing and review work. Teachers are also engaged in UGC and DST sponsored major and minor research projects.


Name of the Project/ Endowments, ChairsName of the Principal Investigator/Co-InvestigatorDepartment of Principal InvestigatorYear of AwardAmount SanctionedDuration of the projectName of the Funding Agency Type  (Government/non-Government)
YEAR : 2016-17       
Banglar unish shotoker bibek dorshon: bharotiyo dorshoner ek obhinabo pathShreya MitraPhilosophy2014Total 225000 Rs: 4500 (2016-17)2014-2016UGC sponsored Minor Research ProjectGovernment
Bangla natoke bish shotoker chollisher doshok: prosongo o probonotai sromojibi manusher kothaSubrata MondalBengali2015Total 160000 Rs: 25000 (2016-17)2015-2017UGC sponsored Minor Research ProjectGovernment
Synthesis and temperature dependent transport properties of graphenr-polymer nanocomposite and its applicationKoushik DuttaPhysics2015Total 301900 Rs: 36900 (2016-17)2015-2017UGC sponsored Minor Research ProjectGovernment
The formation of bengali muslim identity in first three decadesof 20th centuryMadhuri BhattacharayaHistory20161,40,0002016-2018UGC sponsored Minor Research ProjectGovernment
Development of heterocycle based organo chemosensorsSrabasti ChakrabortyChemistry20163,02,5002016-2018UGC sponsored Minor Research ProjectGovernment
Multifractal analysis of various physiological nonstationary time seriesKakoli MukherjeePhysics201695,0002016-2018UGC sponsored Minor Research ProjectGovernment
Synthesis of metal naoparticles and chemically modified graphene by chemical elctrochemical and radiation based methodsUjjwal Kumar SurChemistry2014Total 70000 Rs: 45000 (2016-17)2014-2016 DAEGovernment
YEAR : 2017-18       
Rapid identification of pathogens employig biosynthesized metal nanoparticles on sers active substrateAtish Dipankar JanaPhysics2017Total 1467610 Rs: 1011578 (2017-18)2017-2020-2023WBDSTB(Major)Government
Designing crysttaline host materials to encapsulate water clusters in nano and their utilization in proton wiresUjjwal Kumar SurChemistry2017Total 1210800 Rs: 494400 (2017-18)2017-2020-2023WBDSTB(Major)Government
Engineering metal- organic complexes towards magnetic and non linear optical (NLO) materialsAtish Dipankar JanaPhysics2015Total 400000 Rs: 95000 (2017-18)

2015-2017 Extended

  till     August 2017  

 (2 Years 1 Months)

UGC sponsored Minor Research ProjectGovernment
Technology and Art of Warfare in Ancient IndiaMadhumita DuttaPhilosophy2014Total 300000 Rs: 17500 (2017-18)

2014-2016 Extended till August 2017  

 (3 Years 1 Months)

UGC sponsored Minor Research ProjectGovernment
chaitonno jiboner upadan: podabolite, kirton-baul ebong fakiri gaaneSudip Kumar ChakrabortyBengali2014Total 150000 Rs: 8500 (2017-18)

2014-2016 Extended till August 2017  

 (3 Years 1 Months)

UGC sponsored Minor Research ProjectGovernment
Women empowermentin ancient indian iconographyDebarati BhattacharyaSanskrit2014Total- 300000 Rs: 12500 (2017-18)

2014-2016 Extended 

 till August 2017  

 (3 Years 4 Months)

UGC sponsored Minor Research ProjectGovernment
YEAR : 2018-19       
Gender inequality in labour market in the backdrop of liberaliationUjjaini MukhopadhyayEconomics2015Total 195000 Rs: 45000 (2018-19)2015-2017 UGC sponsored Minor Research ProjectGovernment
Rapid identification of pathogens employig biosynthesized metal nanoparticles on sers active substrateAtish Dipankar JanaPhysics2017Total 1467610 Rs: 240762 (2018-19)2017-2020WBDSTB(Major)Government
Designing crysttaline host materials to encapsulate water clusters in nano and their utilization in proton wiresUjjwal Kumar SurChemistry2017Total 1210800 Rs:344400 (2018-19)2017-2020WBDSTB(Major)Government
YEAR : 2019-20       
Rapid identification of pathogens employig biosynthesized metal nanoparticles on sers active substrateAtish Dipankar JanaPhysics2017Total 1467610 Rs: 215270 (2019-20)Not Released due to lockdown2017-2020WBDSTB(Major)Government
Designing crysttaline host materials to encapsulate water clusters in nano and their utilization in proton wiresUjjwal Kumar SurChemistry2017Total 1210800 Rs: 372000 (2019-20) Not Released due to lockdown2017-2020WBDSTB(Major)Government
YEAR : 2020-2021       
Rapid identification of pathogens employig biosynthesized metal nanoparticles on sers active substrateAtish Dipankar JanaPhysics2017Total 1467610 Rs: 24762 (2019-20)Released in 2021Extentended upto 2023WBDSTB(Major)Government
Designing crysttaline host materials to encapsulate water clusters in nano and their utilization in proton wiresUjjwal Kumar SurChemistry2017Total 1210800 Rs: 372000 (2019-20) Released in lockdownExtentended upto 2023WBDSTB(Major)Government



Name of teacher

Whether recognised as research Guide for     Ph.D./D.M/M.Ch./D.N.B 



Year of Recognition as Research GuideName of the scholarYear of registration of the scholarTitle of the thesis of the for scholar
Srimonti DuttaYes2012Sucharita Chatterjee 2014Non linear fluctuation studies in High Energy and Interdisciplinary Physics
Mridula KunduYes20081.Sanjay Kumar Maji2012

2.Sater Dashaker Aloran O 

 Bangla Kobita

2.jayashri Maity20123.Aloke Sarkarer Kabyobhuban
3.Pijush Dasmahapatra20154.Bangla Ramyo Rachana : Samaj-Sanskriti O Godyo Nirmiti (Birbal Theke Kalpencha 1901 – 1970
Ujjal Kumar Suryes20122. Amar Ghosh2021some metal nanoparticles from plant extract and application in sensing, catalysis, drug delivery and pathogen detection.
Atish Dipankar Janayes20181. Surajit Guin2019Quantum electronic structural exploration of metal nano clusters and their possible use as nano-scale functional materials
2. Sirajuddin Sarkar2020Designing zcrystalling solids towards efficient proton conductors: X-Ray crystalographic and electrical studies
3. Sourav Ranjan Ghosh2021DFT anf molecular dynamics based design of nanomotor: bonding dynamics and and control of motor speed
Sharmila Mitrayes2017Alak Mondal2017Biplabi Jatiyatabad theke biplabi samajtantre uttaran: Bharater biplabi samajtantri daler udbhab o bikash (1940-1977)



YearName of the workshop/ seminar/ conferenceNumber of ParticipantsDate From – To
2016-17Rural development and Governance in India: Evolving Perspectives9510th November, 2016 TO 10th November, 2016
2016-17Modern Thoughts in Research in Biological Science  12025th November, 2016 TO 25th November, 2016
2017-18Magnetic properties of nanomaterials 7422nd September, 2017 TO 22nd September, 2017
2017-18Use of Online Information Resources for Research Help6920 th December 2017 TO 20 th December 2017 
2017-18Revelation - A National Level Seminar on R Programming, Bayesian Inference, Cyber security & Robotics1359th January, 2018 TO 9th January, 2018 
2017-18GST in India: Political and Economic Manifestations8728th November, 2017 TO 28th November, 2017
2018-19Searching the Search for Information7320 th December 2018 TO 20 th December 2018
2018-19International Conference (ICSSR sponsored) : ` Migration and Displacement : Global Perspectives on Issues and Challenges’24510th January, 2019 TO 11 th January, 2019
2018-19Two-day National Seminar on Emerging Frontiers in Material Science11115th February, 2019 TO 16th February, 2019
2018-19Environmental change - Life style and Cancer551st March, 2019 TO 1st March, 2019
2018-19National Seminar on "Knowledge Resource Management-E learning"8029th June, 2019 TO 29th June, 2019 
2019-20Workshop on Intellectual Property Rights6721st November, 2019 TO 21st November, 2019
2019-20International Seminar Bish Satak : Samaj, Sahitya and Shikhya24424th February, 2020 TO 24th February, 2020 
2019-20Recent development and Future Challenges in Chemical Science16026th February, 2020 TO 26th February, 2020
2020-21Sino-Indian Conflict : Escalation & Troubled Transition-Perspectives, issues and strategies24025th SEPTEMBER, 2020 TO 27th SEPTEMBER, 2020
2020-21Dr. Deba Prasad Sarkar Memorial Lecture, National Immunisation day in India12031st January, 2021 TO 31st January, 2021 



Title of paperName of the author/sDepartment of the teacherName of journalYear of publicationISBN/ISSN number
Paribarik Smriti Lipi Pustake Rabindra NathKamalikaRay DuttaBengali Rabindra Bikksha-vol 582016Not Available 
Renuka Devi O Satyendra Nath : Je ful na futite JharecheDharaniteKamalikaRay DuttaBengali Abakash Sahitya Patrika vol 66, Bisesh Sankhya2016 2320-5385
Rabindra Chitravali te Rabindra Patra PrasangaKamalikaRay DuttaBengali Balaka 20162230- 9381
Loksangeet: Ganajagoraner SangeetSubrata PurkaitBengaliIndian Journal of Research in Multidisciplinary Studies20162348-2524
Hypervalent iodine oxidation of flavonols and 3-hydroxy-2-styrylchromones in different alcoholsSankar P. DeyChemistry J. indian Chem. Soc.20160019-4522
Room Temperature Biosynthesis of Highly Stable Triangular and Hexagonal Shaped Silver Nanoparticles Using Cordia myxa Fruit ExtractUjjal Kumar SurChemistry Adv. Sci. Eng. Med20162164-6635
Onions can bend, contract and elongate just like musclesUjjal Kumar SurChemistryCurrent Science20160011-3891
Synthesis and Characterization of       stable aqueous dispersions of GrapheneUjjal Kumar SurChemistryBulletin of Materials Science (Springer)  20160973-7669
Graphene–gold        nanoparticle-based nanocomposites as an electrode material in supercapacitorsUjjal Kumar SurChemistryIndian Journal of Physics20160974-9845
SERS study of        bacteria using biosynthesized silver nanoparticles as SERS substrateUjjal Kumar SurChemistryAnalytical        methods (RSC), 2016, Vol. 8, p 2335-2340. (Cover article & Highlighted on the        Front Cover). (Top 25 downloaded article in 2016)20161759-9679
Spectrophotometric Evaluation of Surface Morphology Dependent Catalytic         Activity of Biosynthesized Silver and Gold Nanoparticles using UV-visible spectra :         A comparative Kinetic studyUjjal Kumar SurChemistryApplied Surface Science (Elsevier)20160169-4332
Optical, dielectric, electronic and           morphological study of biologically synthesized zinc sulphide nanoparticles using        Moringa oleifera leaf extract and quantitative analysis of chemical components         present in the leaf extractUjjal Kumar SurChemistryRSC Adv20162046-2069
Modulators of Sarcoendoplasmic Calcium ATPaseSrabasti Chakraborty Chemistry MAC Journal of Basic and Applied Sciences2016 2347-5366
Biological activity of dendrimer-methylglyoxal complexes for improved therapeutic efficacy against malignant cellsAmit MandalChemistry RSC Adv20160032-3861
 Synergistic interfacial effect of polymer stabilized graphene via non-covalent functionalization in poly(vinylidene fluoride) matrix yielding superior mechanical and electronic properties Amit MandalChemistry Polymer20160032-3861
Hierarchical nanostructured polyaniline functionalized graphene/ poly(vinylidene fluoride) composites for improved dielectric performances Amit Mandal Chemistry  Polymer20160032-3861 
“Expeditious synthesis of functionalized tricyclic 4-spiro pyrano[2,3-c]pyrazoles in aqueous medium using dodecylbenzenesulphonic acid as a Brønsted acid–surfactant-combined catalystSanjay PaulChemistry Current Green Chemistry20162213-3461
Ethyl lactate as a green solvent: A promising biocompatible media for organic synthesis Sanjay PaulChemistry Green Chemistry20161463-9270
Eco-friendly construction of highly functionalized chromenopyridinones by an organocatalyzed solid-state melt reaction and their optical propertiesSanjay PaulChemistry Advanced Synthesis & Catalysis20161615-4169
Aqueous bark extract of terminalia arjuna protects against phenylhydrazine induced oxidative damage in goat red blood cell membrane bound and metabolic enzymesSudeshna PaulFood And NutritionInternational Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences2016 0975 - 1491
Amelioration of gastrotoxic effect of indomethacin by piperine in male Wistar rats: a novel therapeutic approachSudeshna PaulFood And NutritionJournal of Pharmacy Research2016 0974-6943
Gastroprotective effect of Fenugreek 4-hydroxyisoleucine and trigonelline enriched fraction (TF4H (28%)) Sugaheal® against indomethacin induced ulcer in male wistar rats.Sudeshna PaulFood And NutritionJournal of Pharmacy Research2016 0974-6943
Melatonin protects against lead acetate induced oxidative stress-mediated changes in morphology and metabolic status in rat red blood cells: a flow cytometric and biochemical analysisSudeshna PauFood And NutritionJournal of Pharmacy Research2016 0974-6943
Orally administered aqueous bark extract of Terminalia arjuna protects against adrenaline-induced myocardial injury in rat heart through antioxidant mechanisms: an in vivo and an in vitro study. Sudeshna PaulFood And NutritionJournal of Pharmacy Research20160974-6943
Widows of Rising and Conflict: The Easter Widows of Ireland and the Half-Widows of Kashmir Kusumita Datta  English Newsletter 7, Women’s Studies Centre, Lady Brabourne College20162395-4299
Scientific Approaches to Some Religious Practices: Contribution of Aroj Ali MatubbarMadhuri Bhattacharaya HistoryJournal of Advanced Studies20162394-7241
b *- Open sets in Bispaces. Pratap Kumar SahaMathematicsInternational Journal of Mathematics and Statistics Invention20162321-4767
Reason and Intuition As Methods of Philosophical Enquiry in Sri Aurobindo's PhilosophyShreya MitraPhilosophyThe Journal of Economy, Environment And Society20162456-5156
Amangal Sankranto Samasya- Sri Aurobindo Shreya MitraPhilosophyJournal of Advanced Studies20162394-7241
Multifractal behavior of electricity bid price in indian energy marketSrimonti DuttaPhysicsInternational Journal of Electrical Power & Energy Systems 20160142-0615
Non linear approach to study the dynamics of neurodegenerative diseases by Multifractal Detrended Cross-correlation Analysis—A quantitative assessment on gait diseaseSrimonti DuttaPhysicsPhysica A: Statistical Mechanics and its Applications20160378-4371
Multifractal detrended cross correlation analysis of foreign exchange and SENSEX fluctuation in Indian perspectiveSrimonti DuttaPhysicsPhysica A: statistical mechanics and its applications20160378-4371
Evidence of oxygen defect induced ferromagnetism in heat treated electrospun ZnO nanowiresArnab Kumar DasPhysicsJ. Magn. Magn. Mater20161873-4766
A phenoxo–azido assorted Schiff base copper(II) bridged dimer in trace level fluorescence sensing of a pesticide: a DFT supported phenomenonAtish Dipankar JanaPhysicsJournal of Coordination Chemistry20161029-0389
Through a looking glass: Envisioning a new Direction for the SAARCBishnuprya.Roy ChoudhuryPolscienceJournal of Advanced Studies 20162394-7241
Regionalism in the era of globalization: The case study of the SAARC in South AsiaBishnuprya.Roy ChoudhuryPolscienceThe international journal of humanities and social studies20162321-9203
“West Bengal Butterfly Biodiversity Database - A compendium of butterfly biodiversity with information regarding the habitat and status of individual identified species of butterflies of West Bengal”Olibhia DasZoologyAsian Journal Of Conservation Biology20162278-7666
Room        Temperature Green Synthesis of Anisotropic Gold Nanoparticles Using Novel        Biological Fruit ExtractUjjal Kumar SurChemistrySynthesis and Reactivity in Inorganic, Metal-Organic,           and Nano-Metal Chemistry (Taylor and Francis)20172470-1556
Synthesis of Hydroxyapatite and Study on Their Anti-          Proliferative and Cytotoxic Effect Against Human Lung, Cervical Cancer and Normal        Human CellsUjjal Kumar SurChemistryAdv. Sci. Eng. Med20172164-6627
High  dielectric     poly(vinylidene  fluoride) nanocomposite films with MoS2 using     polyaniline interlinker via interfacial interaction  Amit MandalChemistry  J. Mater. Chem. C20171364 -5501
Copper(I) Bromide-Dimethyl Sulfide-Catalyzed Direct Sulfanylation of 4-Hydroxycoumarins and 4Hydroxyquinolinones with Arylsulfonylhydrazides and Selective Fluorescence Switch- On Sensing of Cadmium(II) Ion in WaterSanjay PaulChemistry Advanced Synthesis & Catalysis20171615-4169
Foreign Capital Inflow and Skill Formation: Effects on Skilled-Unskilled Wage InequalityUjjaini MukhopadhyayEconomicsJournal of Economic Development20170254-8372
Painting-Whitewashing: Liminal Memories of the Martyr in the Mural Literature of IrelandKusumita Datta  English Caesurae: Poetics of Cultural Translation20172454 -9495
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Decoding the morphological differences between himalayan glacial and fluvial landscapes using multifractal analysisSrimonti DuttaPhysicsScientific reports20172045-2322
Band gap tuning and defects suppression upon Mg doping in electrospun ZnO nanowiresArnab Kumar DasPhysicsJ. Mater. Sci. Mater. Electron20171573-482X
Graphene based polymer Nanocomposites and its ApplicationKousik DuttaPhysicsJournal of Advanced Studies 20172394-7241
Multifractal behavior of non-stationary time seriesKakoli MukherjeePhysicsJournal of Advanced Studies 2017 2394-7241
Synthesis, crystal structure, Hirshfeld surface analysis, electronic structure through DFT study and fluorescence properties of a new anthracene based organic tectonAtish Dipankar JanaPhysicsJournal of Molecular Structure20170022-2860
The sino-Indian affliction: is terrorism a panacea to the abiding constraintsBishnuprya.Roy ChoudhuryPolscienceVictorian journal of arts20170975 – 5632
A simple Bayes analysis of Weibull Based Accelerated Test modelRijji SenStatisticsInternational Journal of System Assurance Engineering and Management20170976-4348
Scanning electron microscopic studies on antenna of Hemipyrellia ligurriens (Wiedemann, 1830) (Diptera: Calliphoridae)—A blow fly species of forensic importance.Waliza Ansar  ZoologyActa Tropica 20170001-706X
Mahasweta Debir Chotogalpo : Prosongo Mith KathaSubrata PurkaitBengaliTabuekalabya20180967-9463
Thakur Barir Patra Patrika : Udbhab Bikash O ParinatiSubrata PurkaitBengaliAntarmukh20182249-3751 
Laloner Gan : Manush Haoyar SadhanaSubrata PurkaitBengali Tabuekalaby20180976-9463
Green synthesis of Silver nanoparticles using the plant extract of         Shikakai and ReethaUjjal Kumar SurChemistryMaterials Today: Proceedings20182214-7853
Honey mediated Green synthesis of Photoluminiscent Zinc Sulphide nano/micro         particlesUjjal Kumar SurChemistryRes. Med. Eng. Sci20182576-8816
Synthesis of Mesoporous Nanocrystalline Zirconia            by Surfactant-Assisted Hydrothermal ApproachUjjal Kumar SurChemistryJournal of Nanoscience and          Nanotechnology20181533-4899
Green synthesis of Highly stable Zinc sulphide nanostructures using        high energy gamma radiationUjjal Kumar SurChemistryBulletin of Materials Science (Springer)20180973-7669
Enhancement of mechanical, electrical and dielectric properties in Poly(vinylidene fluoride) composites with two dimensional nanomaterials.  Amit MandalChemistry  J. Indian Chem. Soc.20180019-4522
 A Supramolecular Cd(II)-Metalogel: An efficient semiconductive electronic device Amit MandalChemistry Dalton Transactions   20181477-9226 
Trade Liberalization and Gender Inequality: Role of Social NormsUjjaini MukhopadhyayEconomicsIndian Growth and Development Review20181753-8254
Melatonin chelates iron and binds directly with phenylhydrazine to provide protection against phenylhydrazine induced oxidative damage in red blood cells along with its antioxidant mechanisms: an in vitro study.Sudeshna PaulFood And NutritionMelatonin Research (Melatonin Res.)20182641-0281
Living the Borders: Partition Narratives in Ireland and Kashmir Kusumita Datta  English Journal of Advanced Studies 2018.2394-7241
Representation of partition discourse in Ritwik Ghatak's filmArnab MondalJournalismDurdaiba20182394-9090
Chaos based nonlinear analysis to study cardiovascular responses to changes in posture Srimonti DuttaPhysicsPhysica A: Statistical Mechanics and its Applications Volume 51220180378-4371
A multifractal analysis of time series of atmospheric CO2 concentrationSrimonti DuttaPhysicsInternational Journal of Global Warming20181758-2091
Multifractal detrended cross correlation analysis of atmospheric CO2 concentration and land-surface temperature anomaliesSrimonti DuttaPhysicsInternational Journal of Global Warming20181758-2091
Multifractal detrended cross correlation analysis of neuro-degenerative diseases—An in depth studySrimonti DuttaPhysicsPhysica A: Statistical Mechanics and its Applications20180378-4371
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CdS Nanoparticles: Glucose/Starch Synthesis Method and Non Linear Electrical Properties Disperse in Polymer MatrixKousik DuttaPhysicse-Journal of Surface Science and Nanotechnology20181348 0391
Impedance Spectroscopy of ZnS Nanoparticles Embedded in Conducting PolymerKousik DuttaPhysicsInternational Journal of Scientific Research and Review20182279 543X
Synthesis and Dilectric relaxation in self assembled Cadmium Sulphide nanorods dispersed in conducting polymerKousik DuttaPhysicsInternational Journal of Advancd Research and Management20180976 6324

Induction of chirality through change of substitution in cadmium (II) complexes of 2-benzoylpyridine and 2-acetylpyridine based Schiff

 bases - Crystal structure, luminescence and thermal properties

Atish Dipankar JanaPhysicsJournal of Molecular Structure20180022-2860
Water Tetramer Confinement and Photosensitive Schottky Behavior of a 2D Coordination PolymerAtish Dipankar JanaPhysicsChemistry Select20182365-6549
Molecular modeling study of 4',5 di-Substituted Biphenyl Acetic Acid molecules for their Anti-inflammatory Activity through 3D-QSAR, Docking and Molecular Dynamics SimulationAtish Dipankar JanaPhysicsAsian Journal Of Chesmitry20180970-7077
Study of Radical Scavenging Activities of a Series of Flavonoids through 3D QSAR AnalysisAtish Dipankar JanaPhysicsAsian Journal Of Chesmitry20180970-7077

First report of a planar and a quasi-planar Al13+ cluster having localized

 antiaromatic deltas within an aromatic sea: NICS, ELF, AIM, and AdNDP

 bonding analysis

Atish Dipankar JanaPhysicsJournal of Molecular Modeling20180948-5023
Synthesis, Characterization, Cytotoxicity Effect and DNA Cleavage Study of Symmetric Dinuclear Chloro and Azido Bridged Copper(II) Complexes of Napthyl-pyrazole Based Ligand Atish Dipankar JanaPhysicsInorganic Chimica Acta20180020-1693 

Electrophilic Group Chemical Potential as Sole DFT based Descriptor in a QSAR Model for

 Non-Nucleoside HIV-1 Reverse Transcriptase

 Inhibition Activity of a Series DABO Derivatives

Atish Dipankar JanaPhysicsAsian Journal Of Organic & Medicinal Chesmitry20182456-8937
Morphological and Molecular identification of crime reporter flies in Forensic entomology.Waliza Ansar ZoologyIndian Journal of Entomology20180367-8288
Samaresh Majumderer Galpa : Bahumatrik Jibaner DharapatSubrata PurkaitBengaliShinjan20192454-3322 
Bibhagottor Bangladesher Upanyas : Ekti RuprekhaSubrata PurkaitBengaliBalaka20192230-9381
Bangladesher Muktijudha o Muktijudhottar Upanyase tar Pratiphalan (1971-1990)Subrata PurkaitBengaliEbong Mahua2019Not Available
Sonali Kabin : Prosonga Nari Prokriti O ItihasSubrata PurkaitBengali Karubhash20192349-8633 
Lal salur- soiyad walliullah o tanvir mojambelPijush Kanti HalderBengaliEBONG MOHUYA2019Not Available
Imaging of atoms with a low-cost home made Scanning        Tunneling MicroscopeUjjal Kumar SurChemistryAsian Journal of Physics20190971-3093
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Mechanically tuned Molybdenum dichalogenides (MoS2 and MoSe2) dispersed supramolecular hydrogel scaffoldsAmit MandalChemistry Journal of Molecular Liquid20190167-7322 
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Estimation of Oxalate Content of Bottle Gourd LeavesArijit Garai Food And NutritionIndian Science Cruiser20190970-4256
Folk Rationalism and Islam: Contribution of Aroj Ali MatubbarMadhuri Bhattacharaya HistoryInternational Journal of Research and Analytical Reviews20192348-1269
Projectile mass and energy dependence of multifractal detrended cross-correlation analysis of pseudorapidity space and azimuthal space in high energy nuclear collisionsSrimonti DuttaPhysicsInternational Journal of Modern Physics E20190218-3013 
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Multifractal approach  to study of salt induced hypertension and baroreflex dysfunction in salt sensitive Dahl rats Srimonti DuttaPhysicsPhysica A20190378-4371
Multifractal approach to study of salt induced hypertension and baroreflex dysfunction in salt sensitive dahl ratsSrimonti DuttaPhysicsPhysica A20190378-4371

Metal–ligand ring aromaticity in a 2D coordination polymer used as a photosensitive

 electronic device

 Atish Dipankar JanaPhysicsNew Journal of Chemistry20191369-9261
Synthesis, structure and catalytic promiscuity of a napthyl-pyrazole Mn(II) complex and structure–activity relationshipsAtish Dipankar JanaPhysicsJournal of Coordination Chemistry20191029-0389
A Bayes Analysis of Inverse Gaussian Based Accelerated Test ModelsRijji SenStatisticsInternational Journal of Reliability Quality and Safety Engineering20191793-6446
Kando Nadi Kando : Chetonarprobaho Ritir Avinaba Prokash Subrata PurkaitBengaliTabuekalabya20200976-9463
Birbhum er dharmiya prekkhya pote kirtanGopal MondalBengaliEbong mohuya2020Not Available
Achyotyoder vidyasagarPijush Kanti HalderBengaliSomokaler jiyon Kathi20202249-4782
Khirod prasad: desh vabnaPijush Kanti HalderBengaliEbong mohuya2020Not Available
Novel Chalcones as Bcl-2 inhibitor in lung cancer: docking, design and synthesis of 2,3-Tetrasubstituted-2,3-dihydrobenzofuran-3-carboxamidesSankar P. DeyChemistry J. Chem. Sciences20200974-3626
Hydrothermal biosynthesis of chromium sulphide nanoparticles using egg yolk and its catalytic         activity in degradation of dyesUjjal Kumar SurChemistryNano Express20202632-959X
Copper micro/nanostructures as effective SERS active substrates for pathogen detectionUjjal Kumar SurChemistryAdvances in Nano         Research20202287-237X
Development of a rapid self-healing semiconducting monoethanolamine based Mg(OH)2-metallogel for Schottky diode application with high On/Off ratioAmit MandalChemistryNew J. Chem.20201369-9261 
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Multifractal Alterations in Oral Sub-Epithelial Connective Tissue During Progression of Pre-Cancer and CancerSrimonti DuttaPhysicsIEEE Journal of Biomedical and Health Informatics20202168-2194
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