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Dr. Waliza Ansar

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Dr. Abhisek Basu

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Sri Surajit Halder

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Dr. Sucharita Guin

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Smt. Sonali Ghatak

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About Department

Department of Zoology, Behala College started its journey in the year 1979 with a General course in Zoology under the affiliation of University of Calcutta. Honors course was introduced in the year 1998 with two Assistant Professors, two Laboratory assistant, one Graduate level Laboratory Instructor and with 15 student intake capacity. After 25 years of its persistent and sincere efforts, currently  the Department is running in full swing with the dynamic effort of 7 faculty members and 2 laboratory Assistants, with 80 student intake capacity at Honours level.   

Initially the Department followed 2+1 system, then 1+1+1 system from 2010. CBCS system was introduced in 2018.

The Department sincerely follows the curriculum for Zoology (Honours and General course) laid by its affiliating University, University of Calcutta, where the faculty members explore every scope to give a wholesome idea about classical as well as modern and advanced aspects of Zoological Sciences. Students are taught about Animal kingdom, Chordate and Non-Chordate Biology in relation to their Taxonomy, Eco-biology and conservation. Students are also taught about different aspects of Biochemistry, Parasitology and Immunology, Molecular and Cell biology, Endocrinology, Ecology and Ethology. Along with this, students attend several Discipline specific elective courses such as Fish and Fisheries, Animal Cell Biotechnology;  and skill enhancement courses like Aquarium Fish keeping , Apiculture, Medical Diagnosis . 

The Department always puts its best effort to conduct several fieldtrips/excursions to relate the subject knowledge with field derived practical experience. Students are indulged to take up project works on several aspects of their studied topics to have a wholesome knowledge.


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Infrastructural Resource


2 Dedicated Laboratories


6-simple microscope

26-compound microscope


1-Autoclave machine

1-Gel electrophoresis unit

1-Paper Chromatography Unit

1 -20 Freezer

1-Centrifuge machine


1-BOD Incubator


2-pH meter


4-Digital weigh machine

12-Titration Unit





1-Hot plate

2-Mircotome machine 

50-Histology Staining Units



260-Presereved Permanent slide

181-Prserved Bottled Specimen



298-Books in Departmental Seminar Library



Departmental and Student activities

Departmental and Student activities

Department of Zoology constantly organizes- 

∎ Seminars where subject experts /scientists from reputed Institutes are invited to deliver lecture on their research work. These seminars are followed by elaborative interactive sessions. 

∎Student Seminars where students deliver review lectures on the relevant topics in relation to their undergraduate course of study. 

∎ Laboratory visit, and 

∎ Excursion to correlate the theoretical learning with field-based experience. 

∎ Parent-teacher meeting as and when required.

Students from Department of Zoology actively participate in preparing. 

∎Wall magazine and Wall posters delivering in-depth information of animal world to make the learning process more enjoyable. 

Students from the Department of Zoology also participates in 

∎ Seminar, Symposium, Workshops, Hands-on training, Quiz Competition and in different cultural activities in and outside the College.

∎ Department of Zoology has collaborated with WWF, India in completing ECHO project in the academic session 2021-2022. 

∎ Our students are also actively associated with the ‘Save the Frogs’ and ‘Save the Frogs: India Chapter’ to deal with amphibian diversity and conservation issues.

Session-wise detail of Excursions conducted by the Department of Zoology

Academic session Name of the Institute/National Park/ Sanctuary/Site visited
2016- 17Bandhabgarh National Park: Madhyapradesh.
2016- 17Indian Museum
2016- 17Chintamoni Kar Bird Sanctuary
2016- 17Purbasthali
2016- 17Purbasthali
2017- 18Gorumara National Park: West Bengal [North] 
2017- 18Nimpith KVK
2018- 19Gopalpur, Monglajori, Ventai: Orissa 
2018- 19Nature Park, Taratala
2018- 19Alipore Zoological Garden
2019- 20Bhitarkanika, Monglajori, Gopalpur: Orissa
2021- 22Sundarban National Park: West Bengal
2022-23Digha, Sundarban National Park: West Bengal

Hands- on training /Single day project work completed by students: 

Academic session Name of place visited
2021- 22Fleming Hospital: To learn tools in medical diagnosis 
2021- 22Balagarh Fish Farm: To learn pisciculture techniques 

Session-wise detail of seminars organised by Department of Zoology : 

Academic session Theme of the seminarLead speaker

2016- 17


Modern Thoughts in Research in Biological Science.



Dr. Sujoy Ghosh 

[Assistant Professor, Department of Zoology, University of Calcutta]


Dr. Silpak Biswas 

[Department of Diagnostic, Medicine/Pathobiology Division, Veterinary Medicine, Kanas State University, Manhanttan, USA]

2017- 18


Environmental change- Impact on human health and Biodiversity

Dr. Ashok Kanti Sanyal

[Chairman, West Bengal Biodiversity Board, Department of Environment, Government of West Bengal]

2018- 19


Environmental change- Life style and Cancer

Dr. Manas Ranjan Ray

[Former Senior Assistant Director, Office in Charge, and Head, Department of Experimental Haematology, Chittaranjan National Cancer Institute]



Awareness programme on Amphibian diversity and conservation

Dr. Joytirmay Deb

Smt. Sarbani Nag



Wall Magazine by students: 

Theme Wall magazineDate of publication
ZOOSPORE: Trends In Animal Science 28.02. 2019
Reintroduction of Cheetah: Issues & Development 02.03.2022
Conservation of Mangrove Forest 13.11.2022






Detail of Student Seminar-

TopicsSession and DateStudents  Involved
  • Action potential: Origin and Propagation
  • Biting mechanism in snake
  • Parental care in Amphibia
  • Gluconeogenesis: Requirement  and importance 
  • Enzyme inhibition: Kinds and mechanism 
  • Menstrual cycle: Hormonal control 
  • Fish migration: Causes and effect 
  • GTPase and signal transduction 


Date-27.09. 2019

Students of Semester-III (Zoology Honours)


  • Different types of cells of immunological aspect 
  • Cell signalling in immunological aspect 
  • Function of blood cells 



Students of Semester-IV (Zoology Honours)


  • Aneuploidy in Human and Drosophila 
  • Polyploidy in plants i
  • Detection of mutation: chromosomal and biochemical aspect 
  • Gene mutation and metabolic disorder in human 



Students of Semester-V (Zoology Honours)



Detail of the Seminar/ Webinar/ Workshop/ Poster presentation /Quiz competition/Extempore competition attended/participated by the students outside of the College

Name of the Seminar/ Webinar/ Workshop/ Poster presentation /Quiz competition/Extempore competitionName of the participating student(s)

Extempore competition in Zoo Festival, organised by the Zoological Garden, Alipore, Kolkata. 


Secured 3rd position

Tanisha Ghosh

One day National level seminar and poster presentation entitled How to checkmate Cancer organized by Ramakrishna Mission Vidyamadir .


Subhayan Adhikary, Sayantan Dey 

A Five day online workshop on Science Illustration, organized by, Science Media Centre, IISER Pune.


Arpan Bose 
One day international webinar organized by Cytogenetics and Genomics research unit department of Zoology, Calcutta university, associated with Bijoy krishna girls' college. Date-19.08. 2020.Maitrai Karak, Pranja Hazra and others 

International Zoo Festival Quiz Competition. 


Upasana Dey 


Webinar on Mangrove Forests organized by WWF volunteers


 Sujan Kumar Mondal and others 

A five day, online training program on “Methods in Cell and Molecular Biology” .


Tanisha Ghosh

Recent Strategies and Prospects of Aquaculture” organized by the Department of Zoology, Vidyasagar College.


Saptarshi Bhattacharjee 


International webinar on "Comprehensive Current Approaches to Oncogenetics and Pollination Ecology" organised by Department of Zoology, Barasat Government College.  

Date-01.10. 2021

Maitrayee Karak and Piu Naskar 

One month internship entitled as “The evolution of metamorphic organisms in a changing climate” 


Tanisha Ghosh 

One day International level Symposium entitled Our planet, Our Ecosystem, Our Health, organized by Serampur College. 


Biswadip Sanpui, Susmita Chakraborty 

A Three Day workshop on Basic Molecular Biology Techniques.


Biswadip Sanfui, Haimanti Sinha, Sambit Chakraborty, Priyankar Bag, Sheena Dalui, Anwesha Paul

Environmental Services by the Department of Zoology –

SessionName of the Event

Collaborating Institution/


Name of the participantsActivities performed
2020-21WWF-ECHO- ‘Building Environment Conservation Heroes.WWF, India

Somaprava Saha

Upasana Dey

Tanisha Ghosh

Sagnik Saha


Teacher guide-

Dr. Abhisek Basu

Created awareness related to healthy food habit to control the carbon footprint
2021-22Creating awareness for amphibian diversity and conservationSave the frogs-India Chapter, Wish Foundation

Biswadipr Sanfui

Sambit Chakraborty

Susmita Chakraborty

Haimanti Sinha

Amit Das


Teacher guide-

Dr. Abhisek Basu


Created awareness for amphibian diversity and its conservation through, organising seminar, online story writing competition, online photography competition,



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